iPhone 4 Tracking – Keep Your ‘i’ On Everything With An iPhone 4 Tracking Application

Don’t Stay Clueless!

With today’s growing technologies and hi-tech software people are fast to pick up the latest games, hottest applications and most stylish accessories. The iPhone is undoubtedly one of the most innovative and exciting technological masterpieces to emerge in recent years and with the different apps and downloads the possibilities are endless. Within the first week of its release the iPhone 4 sold millions, and it is one of the most sought after products on the market. So if the iPhone can provide so much enjoyment how can it help optimize your safety and security?

Well the answer is simple. iPhone 4 tracking applications.

What Is It?

Downloaded straight onto your iPhone 4, the iPhone 4 tracking app uses the built in GPS from the phone. If you want to track iPhone activity, you just have to log into your account online and then you will see the location coordinates displayed. Each location has a date and time so you can see what is occurring now, or you can look back to specific times.

Won’t They Know?

The thing that makes the iPhone 4 tracking software extra useful is the fact that you can choose between a stealth version and a non stealth version. For those of you that are not up to date on your computerized lingo, this refers to the fact that a version of the iPhone tracking app can be downloaded onto an iPhone without the person even knowing! This gives you the opportunity to track iPhone activity discreetly and prevent them from finding out.

Catch That Cheat!

If you think that your spouse may be cheating on you then don’t join the masses of humiliated victims and make sure that you catch them in the act before they even know that your suspicious. Use iPhone tracking software to see exactly where you spouse has been. Think that where they say that they are going is not actually true? Well look back at their movements and catch them in a web of their own lies. Finding a strange restaurant receipt from the day that your spouse said they were working overtime does not need to cause you anguish anymore. You simply need to look back through their whereabouts during the day on the iPhone tracking app and see whether they nipped out for a quick bite to eat, or were in fact enjoying a romantic dinner with someone other than you. The fact that you can check the recorded logs from an online account enables you to see what is going on without having to go through the perilous task of getting your hands on the phone that they are using.

Check Up On Your Employees

Think that your businesses money could be going to waste on one of your lazy employees? So track them on the iPhone GPS app! You can gain hard evidence that an employee is arriving late to work or leaving early and they can certainly say goodbye to two hour lunch breaks when you are monitoring them through the tracker iPhone software.

Monitor Your Kids

Being a parent is the hardest job in the world and especially as those once innocent children morph into the terrifying monsters which are otherwise known as teenagers. Your knowledge as to where they are or what they are doing completely diminishes. Well not anymore. You can see exactly where your kids are at all times with iPhone tracking software, whilst keeping the masquerade of a ‘cool’ and easygoing parent. All joking aside, to be able to track iPhone locations could really prevent your kids from getting into trouble or even worse into dangerous situations.

Other Features

In addition to the standard tracking features mentioned above, iPhone 4 tracking software also has other “spy” features that can give you even more information and help you to solve the mystery. You can also view call logs so you can monitor all incoming and outgoing calls along with the dates and times. The iPhone tracking app enables you to view full text messages even if the phone owner is deleting them. incoming and outgoing emails are able to be read without the user even knowing that they were opened. Other features on the tracker iPhone software include access to calendar events, viewing of photos and videos that are taken and you can also gain access to all websites logs. Remember all of this is unknown by the person that is using the iPhone, and you can see all of the above information through an account that you will open on the Internet.

When downloading the iPhone tracking app, keep in mind that you must own the iPhone involved. As useful as the iPhone GPS tracking app is, be aware of the possible emotional consequences of looking into the life of someone close to you and realize that you may not necessarily like what you discover!