iPhone File Transfer – Great Software to Transfer Everything to and From Your iPhone!

iPhone is a truly amazing device that is capable of doing things which were never possible to do with other mobile phones. It has fast speed, great looks, advance technologies and Apple’s reliability all in one therefore it is the most popular mobile phone in between people who like only the best products. it has a very large 8GB memory & 16GB memory space which is used in storing thousands of songs, videos, films, pictures, photos, emails, attachments, games and other applications.

iPhone has its own file format and if it does not recognizes the format then it will not run those files. As for example if you try to play your favorite DVD to the iPhone then it will not allow you to play. The reason behind the problem is the mismatch of formats. But now there is a solution that is made to solve this problem and is named as iPhone File Transfer Software.

iPhone File Transfer is a great tool that can transfer different kind of files to the iPhone compatible file type and then transmit the files to the iPhone so that the files are ready to use. It is a third party software with the help of it you can transfer DVD audio or video to iPhone. The features of this software are:

  1. DVD to iPhone – It help you to transfer the (.VOB) format which are used in DVD to the format (mp4) that is recognized by the iPhone. Using the iPhone File Transfer Software, you can convert and move all the DVD files to your phone.
  2. iPhone Video – It also transfers all other video format (AVI, ASF, MPEG, MPG etc.) to iPhone File Format (.mp4).
  3. iPhone Movie – It Can transmit your favorite movie on your iPhone.
  4. iPhone Copy Software – It can make a copy or backup of all your iPhone Data.
  5. iPhone to Computer transport – You can save all your iPhone Data on your PC.

There are other transfers also which can be done using the iPhone File Transfer Software. You can convey all the SMS, Photo and all the multimedia files to and from your iPhone. It has a easy to use GUI interface and a new computer known person can also use this software by following its simple instruction. Download the iPhone File Transfer Software to convey everything to your iPhone.